ASL Basics

One of the largest challenges that parents of Deaf children say they face is the lack of access to ASL classes and supports.

This class is being offered, for free, to parents of Deaf and non-verbal children, at the Washington Service Center of the Northwest Regional Educational Service District. A donation was made to the Library specifically to enable a Deaf teacher to be involved as a co-teacher of this class, along with the teacher on record (an employee of the ESD).


Syllabus (download)

ABCs (download)

My Deaf Child Program (through Signing Time) pdf

Using ASL with ASD Kiddos pdf
Using ASL for kids in Speech/Language therapy pdf

Week 1 Vocabulary:


Sign Descriptions (download)

Who / What / When / Where / Why / How:

Deaf / Hard-of-Hearing / Hearing(adj) / Hearing(verb) / Talking:

Nice-To-Meet-You / Name / Culture / Me or I / My or Mine / You / Yours:

Family / Related / Mom / Dad / Boy / Girl / Son / Daughter / Brother / Sister / Children:

Fine / Awesome / Student / Teacher / Signing:

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